Changes due to COVID

This pandemic caught us in the early process of growing. Since fewer folks are working & driving the parking side of the business will be paused. This will only be until we determine what changes will occur with local businesses & behavior of local neighbors. There is a strong feeling more businesses & lot owners will be incentivized to sign on due to loss of revenue.

While parking is paused, delivery was a service that we were looking to expand into after having a solid foundation within Koreatown. Escooters have been delayed but now BlueLA has resumed car-sharing service. The intention will be to used personal vehicles & where possible electric vehicles. At the moment social media & yelp like a website is being built. After the yelp website is built and finalized there will be outreach and sales to sign businesses if they are interested in a local delivery service. A small ordering app that will be provided for free so local businesses can handle orders. This app would also be used for the delivery service that businesses can sign up and pay for.

It’s pretty much a marathon of having to set up everything and start doing outreach.