You might have heard what K Parking is all about. If you are interested in supporting, feel free to donate. Here is more information on what we will be doing to ensure we support everyone who struggles with parking and the daily life of vehicle ownership.

Our focus is on the area of Koreatown. Here we can test services, and as we grew up in the area, we can focus on the issues known to us. That doesn’t mean we won’t focus on other areas, and we know plenty. We are developing technologies, tools, resources, programs, and campaigns. We call these digital seeds where we will be able to share with other communities. We know each community is unique to their demographics and needs. It’s why we won’t be expanding the “K” beyond Koreatown. We will provide all our resources and find ambassadors who are community leaders in their own areas. As our philosophy is to put the community first we need to ensure the ambassadors we select fit that role. We won’t take profits from other areas. Donations from community members allow us to build these resources faster and provide remedies to local issues. We focus on collaboration and empowerment. Feel free to tune into the efforts and work we do.