We started a series of research into parking, traffic, safety & services, along the way we found more common issues neighbors have with one another. We challenged ourselves we’d invest more time & resources into ensuring the community is able to give their own feedback. While we talked to neighbors both online & offline, we need a bigger audience for feedback & discussions.

This is why we are launching our campaign & website,

“How’s your”

We’re not affiliated with the instagram account @koreatownlife, but they are friends.

Our research style comes from the days of doing research with VisionZero in South LA. We’d often go on various intersections and talked to passing neighbors of the area. When foot traffic was low we’d go into laundromats, parks, businesses and other areas with higher foot traffic. Through this we discovered the community had a lot of feedback to give that wasn’t only just about traffic & safety. For many it was their first time giving feedback about their community.

Now that we are kicking things off within Koreatown we want to make it easier for anyone to give feedback or start discussions. Whether your free time is only on weekends, night time, day time or random times. We are launching an online portal with the possibilities to give & start discussions at anytime including holidays.

One of our focus for an online forum is that when we did research through city or other agencies we had communication issues. The input often felt like a black box when we submitted our paper work. We got no updates or contacts to find out what the next steps were. We will ensure complete transparency, updates & feedback in all steps. We are only accountable to our community & ourselves.

We will involve our local NPOs, orgs, businesses, community leaders & neighbors who focus on the community. Along the way we will create tools & resources that we will share to other communities. Our focus shall always be in Koreatown.

We will additionally be launching a podcast to invite neighbors to a conversation. Learn more