Giving up driving. More parking for the neighborhood.

The first time I began driving I knew this would be my favorite activity. It’s been more than 8 years since I began driving. It’s one of my greatest skills even though I’m a software engineer. Once you are on the road you will experience and understand a lot from simply driving down the street or commuting 50 miles daily. The recurring issue always faced when driving is finding parking. Parking is a challenge whether you are going home, to the market, or doing anything in general. The reason for giving up driving is to experience life without it and as a bonus giving parking space to neighbors that need it. Through my experience I’ll relay it to my connections at Metro & Lyft. My business will integrate into their services in ways I truly believe will make transportation as smooth as cutting butter.

When you remove the materialistic view of owning a car you’ll understand the issue is transportation. Owning the vehicle is a luxury and for some it’s their livelihood. Most often then not a vehicle is being occupied by a single occupant. This makes traffic and congestion a real treat when living in a large city like LA. Using public transportation is the solution to our problems but it’s not quite there yet. Dedicated bus lanes need to be implemented everywhere possible. My experience with public transportation at a young age has always been iffy because I’ve never enjoyed waiting. This month will be all about public transportation to renew my experience.

The stories I heard of why people use public transportation vary in why they do it. For majority it’s part of their daily life because it’s their means of transportation. Most that do drive base their experience of waiting, walking and inconvenience of dealing with public transportation. The hidden costs actually add up more when you drive versus public transportation. That being said I will go on without driving or having a car. A lot more will be done and the focus of this experience is to understand how to provide transportation services that makes commuting an actual breeze. Now to be fair, I will also combine public transportation with an escooter. The reason for doing this is that public transportation can benefit a lot from escooters. The way those devices are currently handled in public space is a mess. My intention is ensuring that no matter who gets the perspective it’s beneficial to the community. Less cars means more parking, less traffic, less pollution and an overall more efficient city.

Would you giving up owning a car and only using public transportation?

Notable Replies

  1. JAG says:

    Growing up the bus was a vital part of our transportation needs as the only car we had was used by my father to work. I’d often go with my mother to various locations which have been long forgotten. I don’t recall any single bad experience other than the waiting time.

    Today as an adult I do see a lot of issues when it comes to public transportation. The reliance on public transportation is something I can’t count on as I use to have meeting in various parts of LA and outside of LA. Time is the most important factor for myself as a consultant. I avoid events which include driving through rush hour.

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