Going to R.F.K Community Schools at ASGL as a student

As middle school was closing various students were taken to the auditorium. We had a survey of which school choices we’d like go to. I didn’t think of much during that time but I ended up selecting Ambassador School of Global Leadership (ASGL). It was one of the best choices I could make not because I attended the school but rather because the connections and path I took as a result of certain issues. R.F.K. Community Schools taught me that there can be more resources or organization with a community focus. During the time I was in high school I tried to be innovative but didn’t have the experience.

During my time as a high school student I began to be driven back into STEM. There was no focus of which field I’d end up going but I knew I wanted to solve problems. Having purchased a tablet with stylus capabilities I began to draw and create a lot of ideas. From innovative supermarkets, vertical farms, car sensors, algae filters, and other ideas. The one I tried and failed was creating an innovation club called ASGL Innovation Team (AiT). I had yet to hone in managerial skills or people skills. It didn’t take off but the first project I wanted to do was ensuring no food waste during breakfast & lunch. All it was is a table reserved to drop off food students don’t like. The cafeteria legally had to give all the required food even if a student didn’t want certain selections. At times students would get a plate and grab an item then toss the rest into the trash. A table to set aside for anyone to grab from or leave items would circumvent the legal issue. There are many problems we might not see if we don’t observe and document.

Having walked through the main entrance many times I didn’t have a bad experience with the intersection and the reason was I walked along the school block rather than having to cross the intersection. Issues that did occur were being dropped off during the morning. There was no dedicate drop off or pick up zone even though we had a driveway built for that kind of activity. As I didn’t have that experience and perspective I wouldn’t be aware of how much the issue would be. We currently had multiple development projects completed and ongoing. The traffic impact from these projects will increase the issue in ongoing future. The issue isn’t so much of the traffic but much more on the behavior.

During my whole experience of driving which is why I ended up starting a parking business. I learned a lot from the worse drivers, it always tends to be behavior issues when it comes to bad drivers. There are drivers who wouldn’t be responsible with their driving due to age or incompetence. The intersection has become an issue and I can attest to the behavior as it’s not a favorite route for most of my family members, neighbors and anyone who has students or needs to get to Wilshire. The street is used as a traffic through to get into a boulevard.

Since my innovative days I realized we have to do much more to get the ball rolling. It’s why I’ve been recording, documenting, having meetings, discussing, researching and viewing how can we solve the issue of the intersection. There are many ways in which we can solve temporarily but a long term solution has to be implemented to ensure traffic isn’t an issue for the upcoming years. When children are involved in the issue faster action should be done. It’s only a matter of time before an avoidable event takes place.

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    CARECEN & students meeting resulted in action. We discussed our discoveries along with Adriane (At Large Rep w/ WCKNC) from previous day meeting. Students would be collecting signatures from students, experiences and stories. A campaign will be launched to change the intersection if Wesson’s office continues to drag their feet. A name will be decided by the students in which through our connections, affiliations, friends, & community to demand change and safety for our students in our community.

    Videos have been recorded: https://kparking.blog/projects/s-catalina-st-7th-st

    We spoke to the campus aide & Assistant Operations Principal of the RFK campus. They informed us that they’ve been requesting action from Wesson’s office and agencies. An engineer did come from LADOT to review and analysis the intersection. Their findings is that no change should be made or costs too much to implement changes. As a side note being told that it seem the engineer didn’t want do their job.

    Our neighborhood council WCKNC will support the intersection requested changes. A letter will be sent to Wesson’s office.

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