Hello Neighbor


We live within a community of communities. From businesses working together to organizations that make life happen. We all live our own individual life but that often means we’re all facing similar issues. Through my work doing non-profit, canvassing, community outreach and research I’ve discovered one main issue.


While it might sound obvious or cliché. When you experience similar projects through multiple organizations, you begin to realize the inefficiencies. It’s hard to get people to give feedback if there isn’t a platform for such activity. The city provides services, apps, and other resources to give feedback but it’s often in this process where things feel a bit of a black box. This shouldn’t be the case and rather it should give the feeling and the impact where anyone who contributes has acknowledgement.

NextDoor presented and validated the idea that a neighborhood can have it’s own platform. While it may have it’s pros there is a long list of cons. My biggest con I have against the platform is that it’s commercializing itself when it hasn’t established a beneficial platform for the community yet. It’s a free for all and that could often mean posts with no substance or contribution to the community.

The reason we tie ourselves to Koreatown is that we will focus on everything Koreatown related. From the housing, schools, businesses, parking, services, resources and much more. We will enable a platform within Koreatown where we can all discuss about community issues as a whole. We will work with local non-profit organizations, grassroot orgs and community leaders with the expertise to foster a beneficial impact approach that helps the community.

The reason our business focuses on parking is that it’s a generational problem that can lead the conversation to talk about other pending issues while solving parking. We’ve established connections, affiliations, partnerships and various relations. If we don’t have those relations then we will network to get them. This is our focus and our opportunity to do so with our flexibility. We extend empowerment to our community.

We are launching Hello Neighbor a platform that connects the communities input into a collective platform where we can resolve to take action through guided discussions. We will be focusing on outreach to begin a conversation individually with residents, workers or anyone who’s had a history within Koreatown. If we all talk about the issues we have together we can find common ground to resolve and work on the next bigger issue. Individually it’s much more difficult to create change but collectively we can have a bigger impact.

There are two parts to Hello Neighbor to allow anyone to contribute or stay up to date.

  1. Community Platform – Link Below
  2. Podcast – Live Soon

The community platform allows for the community to have discussions, give feedback, raise concerns or in any nature develop a better community through talk.

The podcast allows for discussions with the community members. We do intend on talking with every neighbor in Koreatown. There will be biweekly or monthly updates to get everyone up to date on what is going on.

Both are vital to the improvement of our community as we can’t take action if we don’t understand the problems our neighbors face.

We invite you to participate as this is your community as well and your input is very valuable. We will make it easy to contribute even if you work all day or all night. We are open 24/7 including holidays to take feedback from the community.

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