I began volunteering before I knew what the word or action was for what I did during my youth. It was in elementary where I grew fond of doing similar things. From staying after school to help teachers who weren’t my teachers. I’d give up my vacation to work within the cafeteria to prepare food as it fascinated me. Various things of interest which I had no relation to but I had a curiosity to dive into. Without a doubt I’ve given a lot more volunteering time than most kids growing up would. Never using what I did for educational credit or merit. There’s been a question that I haven’t been able to find the answer to. I feel like I won’t ever be close or perhaps I am but I just won’t be able to know until I get there.

How do you instill curiosity to enable others to grow beyond their current limits?

You might wonder why such curiosity should be instilled into others. The simple truth being is that when everyone has curiosity it will enable them to do the things they really enjoy and do them better. Perhaps even better than one could ever. As we all know the world isn’t a perfect place as we often try to make it seem for the younger generation. The veil of deception never worked on me as I did grow up in poverty and seeking to know more to escape such world. I’m no longer trying to escape such world but rather face it and seek experience and perspectives to understand more. Keeping true to one simple principle “solve a problem that affects a community.”

This is the reason why I am focusing within my community. It’s where I grew up and know the most about. Living within Koreatown since I was 3, elementary, middle, high school and my first business. There’s a lot that I’ve learned & experienced along the way to today where you read this and hear it in your mind. There are many problems that affects us as a community and individually. I’ll support those who put communities before themselves. We have a lot of work to do so let’s get going.

Building websites and apps have been my specialty. In the early days I was learning how to develop a website. These days I give tech panels and develop on cutting edge practices. Most would think just by having a website is enough. The reality is there is always learning and testing involved. Who’s using the website? Why are they, what are we missing, is there issues that prevents access, and so many other questions. If you can answer or think of asking these questions then you are on a better path. My main focus is building my own businesses to retire my parents and consulting to pay for my businesses expenses. The biggest issue I always get is someone tried to develop something without any technical guidance so time, energy and money is wasted. Our community, Koreatown, has had an explosion of growth and development. There are many needs of the community that these days our NC can facilitate. Rather than being reactive on what is going on with our community we should be proactive. This does mean doing more work than what the average council member does.