Just see the picture and you’ll understand how bad the driver is.

Another parking battle round 2, not on our watch.

As we were observing the intersection on 7th & S Catalina St we encountered a prime example of human behavior and traffic. To give a quick summary the white SUV cut off from opposite side of traffic in order to get into the parking. The grey SUV was going to pull in to park but got cut off.

The female driver of the white SUV felt entitled as she was asked to move as she was blocking a complete lane and a commercial vehicle approached which had no room to move. Plenty of traffic was passing through as this was the time when everyone goes home.

She wouldn’t move and said the police would come and fix it. The police did arrive and told the white SUV to move. The grey SUV parked and story would have ended but the white SUV driver felt entitled.

During the interaction the white SUV driver was recording me as I approached and asked her to move. After she parked she took pictures of the grey SUV and myself. It’s always a recurring situation that I’ve faced many times. When there is a driver in the wrong and are told they are wrong for doing such action they respond with aggression or denial and get defensive.

I continued to interview people around the intersection as I wasn’t done with my observation. I talked to a school police officer and during that talk another family member approaches us. It turned out to be her daughter claiming I disrespected her mother. I asked where the disrespect come from or to give an example, neither the daughter nor mother could give a clear example. The daughter thought I was talking to the officer about her mother’s parking behavior. Well we weren’t but I was talking to him about my reason why I was at that intersection. Coming from a background of doing research through Vision Zero.

The female driver wouldn’t let go of her anger or whatever she had. She continued to tell the officer and another teacher from the school about the situation. She wanted something done about my whole involvement. Perhaps she has never had someone confront about her behavior in her life but no one comes into my community and displays such behavior. She claimed I couldn’t record and if the police officer saw my phone there would be pictures and videos as if it was a crime. The police officer told the female driver that it’s perfectly legal to record as it’s a public place. Without much to argue she went on saying as she was a female and elderly I had to respect her more.

I’ll make one thing clear for the record and such. I don’t disrespect people without reason, I don’t give preferential treatment to anyone. I respect everyone equally from children to the most elder. Just because you are of one gender, group, or any kind of class you shall not be treated differently.

The female driver which parked badly, argued with multiple people, attempted to get me in trouble and tried to talk me down will never gain my respect.

I’ll say this for all bad drivers who come into my community or live within my community. I’ll do whatever it takes to change policy, enforcement and systems to ensure we remove bad drivers from the road. It’s these bad drivers that end up causing collisions, deaths, traffic and all the bad things about driving with the public. One day your driver license will be revoked and you’ll be forced to take public transportation. You bought the car not the road. Driving is a privilege which only those who are responsible and courteous to traffic should be allowed to continue to drive.

If you think you’ll threaten me with lawyers or letters because I make this interaction public, go ahead. I work with international law firms and I don’t mind making an example out of someone who doesn’t respect rules or people.

Time to take out the bad drivers.

As a note, the police officer informed the driver of the grey SUV that the white SUV driver always does this. It’s a recurring behavior that the officer has to deal with everytime.

Who behaves like that?