Parking in Koreatown

Koreatown has had a series of developments throughout the years. From the old Koreatown to the Koreatown we know today. A simple fact is Koreatown was built before parking minimums. Even though this was the circumstance, a community flourished. Koreatown is made for the local community and not the tourist who come from other areas. Everything is walkable within Koreatown unless you have a car-centric mentality. As the years have gone by taller buildings are being built, the amount of people living in a household has increased, and property management often has the final say on parking for their units. This has led to an even more significant burden of having parking for Koreatown residents. While tourists won’t have to deal with the issue daily, the residents will. It’s why we are focusing our services to cater to the community rather than anyone willing to pay.

Having a job without a car might be impossible due to various circumstances, no matter the situation we provide parking.