Going to R.F.K Community Schools at ASGL as a student

As middle school was closing various students were taken to the auditorium. We had a survey of which school choices we’d like go to. I didn’t think of much during that time but I ended up selecting Ambassador School of Global Leadership (ASGL). It was one of the best choices I could make not because I attended the school but rather because the connections and path I took as a result of certain issues. R.F.K. Community Schools taught me that there can be more resources or organization with a community focus. During the time I was in high school I tried to be innovative but didn’t have the experience.

During my time as a high school student I began to be driven back into STEM. There was no focus of which field I’d end up going but I knew I wanted to solve problems. Having purchased a tablet with stylus capabilities I began to draw and create a lot of ideas. From innovative supermarkets, vertical farms, car sensors, algae filters, and other ideas. The one I tried and failed was creating an innovation club called ASGL Innovation Team (AiT). I had yet to hone in managerial skills or people skills. It didn’t take off but the first project I wanted to do was ensuring no food waste during breakfast & lunch. All it was is a table reserved to drop off food students don’t like. The cafeteria legally had to give all the required food even if a student didn’t want certain selections. At times students would get a plate and grab an item then toss the rest into the trash. A table to set aside for anyone to grab from or leave items would circumvent the legal issue. There are many problems we might not see if we don’t observe and document.

Having walked through the main entrance many times I didn’t have a bad experience with the intersection and the reason was I walked along the school block rather than having to cross the intersection. Issues that did occur were being dropped off during the morning. There was no dedicate drop off or pick up zone even though we had a driveway built for that kind of activity. As I didn’t have that experience and perspective I wouldn’t be aware of how much the issue would be. We currently had multiple development projects completed and ongoing. The traffic impact from these projects will increase the issue in ongoing future. The issue isn’t so much of the traffic but much more on the behavior.

During my whole experience of driving which is why I ended up starting a parking business. I learned a lot from the worse drivers, it always tends to be behavior issues when it comes to bad drivers. There are drivers who wouldn’t be responsible with their driving due to age or incompetence. The intersection has become an issue and I can attest to the behavior as it’s not a favorite route for most of my family members, neighbors and anyone who has students or needs to get to Wilshire. The street is used as a traffic through to get into a boulevard.

Since my innovative days I realized we have to do much more to get the ball rolling. It’s why I’ve been recording, documenting, having meetings, discussing, researching and viewing how can we solve the issue of the intersection. There are many ways in which we can solve temporarily but a long term solution has to be implemented to ensure traffic isn’t an issue for the upcoming years. When children are involved in the issue faster action should be done. It’s only a matter of time before an avoidable event takes place.

Our App

With the ability to create, design and modify apps we can take our route in any direction. We will focus our primary function to provide parking & services. As our app will serve as a platform we will also enable features to be used by our community.

Through our community forum and internal feedback channels we will create features which benefits the community as a whole. Through our own expertise we hope to support, educate and influence the community into our field. There are many businesses, organizations and community leaders which would highly benefit from our features.

Our intent and our basis on why we want to support the community through our technologies is that our expertise and knowledge can be expensive to hire. This cost shouldn’t be a burden to our communities when it comes to empowering or supporting our community.

Our digital agency HelloDigital.space is our tech counterpart focused on providing development & consultation.


I began volunteering before I knew what the word or action was for what I did during my youth. It was in elementary where I grew fond of doing similar things. From staying after school to help teachers who weren’t my teachers. I’d give up my vacation to work within the cafeteria to prepare food as it fascinated me. Various things of interest which I had no relation to but I had a curiosity to dive into. Without a doubt I’ve given a lot more volunteering time than most kids growing up would. Never using what I did for educational credit or merit. There’s been a question that I haven’t been able to find the answer to. I feel like I won’t ever be close or perhaps I am but I just won’t be able to know until I get there.

How do you instill curiosity to enable others to grow beyond their current limits?

You might wonder why such curiosity should be instilled into others. The simple truth being is that when everyone has curiosity it will enable them to do the things they really enjoy and do them better. Perhaps even better than one could ever. As we all know the world isn’t a perfect place as we often try to make it seem for the younger generation. The veil of deception never worked on me as I did grow up in poverty and seeking to know more to escape such world. I’m no longer trying to escape such world but rather face it and seek experience and perspectives to understand more. Keeping true to one simple principle “solve a problem that affects a community.”

This is the reason why I am focusing within my community. It’s where I grew up and know the most about. Living within Koreatown since I was 3, elementary, middle, high school and my first business. There’s a lot that I’ve learned & experienced along the way to today where you read this and hear it in your mind. There are many problems that affects us as a community and individually. I’ll support those who put communities before themselves. We have a lot of work to do so let’s get going.

Building websites and apps have been my specialty. In the early days I was learning how to develop a website. These days I give tech panels and develop on cutting edge practices. Most would think just by having a website is enough. The reality is there is always learning and testing involved. Who’s using the website? Why are they, what are we missing, is there issues that prevents access, and so many other questions. If you can answer or think of asking these questions then you are on a better path. My main focus is building my own businesses to retire my parents and consulting to pay for my businesses expenses. The biggest issue I always get is someone tried to develop something without any technical guidance so time, energy and money is wasted. Our community, Koreatown, has had an explosion of growth and development. There are many needs of the community that these days our NC can facilitate. Rather than being reactive on what is going on with our community we should be proactive. This does mean doing more work than what the average council member does.

Who we serve

Everything is defined by the way of the human life. In one way or another we are connected through our similarities. Our characteristics and current plans defines what are needs, wants & issues will be. A family would have different needs from just newly weds or a single adult. In the end we all collectively form a community.

It’s the community we will serve through our services, contributions, discussions and much more. We don’t have all the answers or all the information, it’s why we have an open channel for discussion & feedback. We want to know your story and the experience about being in our community, Koreatown.

Welcome to K-Parking, we’re more than just parking. We’re a family business and we’ll take care of our community.

Internet + Design + People = Anything

It seems like with every new day we are faced with newer problems and challenges. Problems of yesterday will always move into tomorrow until a systematic resolution is implemented. Thousands of organizations and movements are born to resolve these issues. While it may seem daunting to tackle them straight on, it can be done.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. — George Santayana

This proverb has more truth the more you discover, experience, and learn. You wouldn’t walk into a store purchase a single item, return home, and repeat until your shopping list is done. It’s repetition and it’s inefficient. You would purchase everything then go home, it’s efficient. That’s the real key to solving problems no matter how small or big. How efficient you are with solving a problem could mean resolving the same problem for different locations or throwing valuable resources into a cycle.

Let’s take something we can all agree upon.

Traffic is horrible. No one wins.

Los Angeles topped the list of the world’s most gridlocked cities for the sixth straight year, with drivers spending 102 hours in congestion in 2017 during peak time periods, followed by Moscow and New York (tied at 91 hours), Sao Paulo (86 hours) and San Francisco (79 hours) — INRIX

You could have the fastest car in the world or the most fuel efficient. If the cars around you aren’t moving, then you won’t be moving. Roads, freeways (including “carpool” lanes), and various routes get jam-packed. The existing infrastructure is out of date and needs a newer system. One that can expand with an ever-growing population.

So, what is involved in traffic:

  • Vehicles (C)
  • Pedestrians (C)
  • Traffic Lights/Signs (C)
  • Intersections (P)
  • Entry/Exit Routes (P)
  • Limited Occupiable Space (P)

Communication and Paths are what should be highly focused on.

“Deterrents” for bad behavior:

  • Tickets (economic disadvantage and fees when paying)
  • Points
  • Laws

Results of poor infrastructure design:

  • Deaths
  • Stress
  • Time Wasted
  • Congestion
  • Collisions
  • Emissions
  • Anger
  • Confusion

Do you see it now?

Fine, it’s a big jump.

  • Clue 1: Communication.
  • Clue 2: Traffic Lights/Signs.
  • Clue 3: Human Behavior.

When rush hour hits the main thing that gets overloaded are intersections. Imagine driving while no cars are on the road. What do you face at intersections? Traffic lights/signs that were timed to handle traffic in intervals. Traffic lights don’t carry the dynamic ability to extend/shorten the time unless manually operated. Traffic lights don’t give extra time to cross for those who need it the most.

Adding more lanes increases traffic for the simple reason that the bottlenecks will remain the same. The other reason is connecting streets can handle a limited number of cars per hour. Fill all streets with cars and now you might have to skip a light because traffic is gridlocked.

Often collisions occur because we can’t see the traffic around us. We are limited in vision and communication from other drivers. Exiting a driveway during rush hour can be tough. When you change direction, you increase the chances of collisions.

Most use navigation applications, which is great for travel. These apps are limited in what they can accomplish. Accuracy has never been the greatest as signals for GPS are always changing and recalculated. If we consider poor visibility, communication, bottlenecks, and traffic lights/signs. You already notice that navigations apps are limited.

We need a solution that solves these problems. Now, since I am tech-driven I’ll say that an application or device that allows communication, visibility, dynamic output, and real-time traffic re-routing will be a greater experience for all. We won’t get into details, as this will be provided in a video demo. Instead, we’ll take notes on how the airline industry handles the traffic from routes to runways. While there is more space in the clouds there is little room for mistakes. Hence why it’s safer to fly than to drive. Air Traffic Control (ATC) is how everything is kept up to date and in check.

An ATC, but for vehicles and pedestrians would truly send traffic congestion to a decline. Ground Traffic Control that can be implemented by an app, standalone device, and connect to traffic lights. While we don’t have most technologies available and ready to go we do have various resources to kick things off.

Traffic officers assist in traffic guidance but their lack of information of real-time traffic doesn’t yield great results. The information missing is real-time traffic view of cars on the road within connecting streets. Allow them to guide traffic by redirecting via an application and we can guide traffic that would be out of reach.

Navigation apps connect drivers to routes and offer traffic information, but an algorithm can only do so much. Having actual data input from both drivers and traffic officers could improve everyone’s route.

Vehicles and pedestrians believe it or not can be resources we can utilize. Just like radar can detect and display information. If we equip all with identifiers, then it would be easier for communication and visibility. Whether a vehicle or jogger crosses and intersection we can notify them both.

Light poles provide lighting further down the road. If we can equip them with sensors, then we can get real-time data of cars on the road.

Autonomous technology can help everyone transition from old age technology to a world with no traffic congestion. If we don’t implement the transition it would be much tougher for all, including driverless cars. It’s not that the humans fail to understand the principles of traffic but more likely that we don’t see the ripple effects our actions have.

Trying to communicate the solution by words in just a page would mean keeping things short. The demo will be using case scenarios of both actual events and predicted.

This idea is meant to be shared with everyone. My focus is on LA and tomorrow the world’s traffic congestion.

My Story with K-Parking

I started a parking business in 2015. This is how it all started.

I was working and driving all the way to West Covina daily. (Around 50 miles)

In order to avoid the whole traffic I would go early and leave very late. Except there was an issue.

The parking in Koreatown wasn’t gracious.

One day I came home very late and very tired. After hours of not being able to find parking. I parked on the street with emergency lights and fell asleep.

I don’t recall how long I was asleep for but I woke up to a knock. It was my father who offered to find parking while I went home to sleep.

I realized I had to do more to be able to solve this issue. That’s how K-Parking, LLC came to be.

During the time I formed the company my skills as a software engineer wasn’t at what it currently is today. So I kept on growing my experience.

I met billionaires, city officials and people who could change the life of anyone. As the years went by 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Now I came to a much better understanding.

I have to help the community first before I should even think of making large profits. The truth is I always volunteered and gave back.

Since I was in elementary I helped teachers after school. During vacations I’d go volunteer in the cafeteria to cook food for the other tracks.

I would spend time at my local church food bank and anywhere I would be able to help more than just myself.

I wish you could see through my eyes of what I experienced. Through everything I learned and researched now I understand how to create a community and make a global change.

But I am just doing this locally.

I went to elementary, middle and high school all within the same area, Koreatown. This has always been my home as long as I can remember.

There are many issues within our community, not just lack of parking. Gentrification, homelessness, theft, vandalism and much more we could address.

Many people don’t have the time or energy to do all this. The truth of how I even manage to do all this.

We’ll it’s because I got to learn how to do it all. Networking, relationships, knowledge and creating partnerships in a way it mutually benefits all.

My full focus and purpose is to empower my community that raised me. It gave me a lot but I will give more than it gave. I will help the community grow through any means.

The future may seem dim but collectively as a community we can achieve the most amazing things.

I will hire friends from school who provide value to the parking company. I will create partnerships to local businesses and provide a highway of opportunity to future generations.

As a software engineer I can become the richest of rich but it doesn’t matter if our community is facing serious issues.

I don’t do the giving back for credit or recognition. I do it because if we all do it together then we will get to a better future faster.

I am happy now after facing so many issues in life. I know what I want to do. If it means working all day and night to get there soon, so be it.

You might have done things traditionally but I figured out what the future will really be like. Everything will advance into technology but I don’t want to leave my community behind.

If I become rich then the community becomes rich. At the end of the day wealth isn’t a factor that should determine anything.

The impact, the influence and the change you produce during your lifetime and even after is what does.

Like an author who’s work will live on after death. I want my work and my influence to shape the future for a better tomorrow.

I always had ideas and visions of how the world should be since I was a kid. Let me tell you the story as I grow through the ages.

At the end of the day we’re all in the same boat trying to figure out what life is all about. No one has all the answers but I can tell you this for sure.

I’m happy and there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make a better future.

I’m going to dedicate my life to address homelessness, traffic, hunger, education and community. There is so much to do and as I learned and experience I will show the rest of the world what’s that like.

You don’t have to work as hard as I do. It’s people who do that happily do so. The best thing you can do for yourself and for everyone is to be happy.

You only have one life to live. Don’t waste it on the unnecessary things. We’re a community in the end drifting through space and time.

Love to live & live to love.

Hello, I’m JAG.

Jose Alberto Garcia

Giving up driving. More parking for the neighborhood.

The first time I began driving I knew this would be my favorite activity. It’s been more than 8 years since I began driving. It’s one of my greatest skills even though I’m a software engineer. Once you are on the road you will experience and understand a lot from simply driving down the street or commuting 50 miles daily. The recurring issue always faced when driving is finding parking. Parking is a challenge whether you are going home, to the market, or doing anything in general. The reason for giving up driving is to experience life without it and as a bonus giving parking space to neighbors that need it. Through my experience I’ll relay it to my connections at Metro & Lyft. My business will integrate into their services in ways I truly believe will make transportation as smooth as cutting butter.

When you remove the materialistic view of owning a car you’ll understand the issue is transportation. Owning the vehicle is a luxury and for some it’s their livelihood. Most often then not a vehicle is being occupied by a single occupant. This makes traffic and congestion a real treat when living in a large city like LA. Using public transportation is the solution to our problems but it’s not quite there yet. Dedicated bus lanes need to be implemented everywhere possible. My experience with public transportation at a young age has always been iffy because I’ve never enjoyed waiting. This month will be all about public transportation to renew my experience.

The stories I heard of why people use public transportation vary in why they do it. For majority it’s part of their daily life because it’s their means of transportation. Most that do drive base their experience of waiting, walking and inconvenience of dealing with public transportation. The hidden costs actually add up more when you drive versus public transportation. That being said I will go on without driving or having a car. A lot more will be done and the focus of this experience is to understand how to provide transportation services that makes commuting an actual breeze. Now to be fair, I will also combine public transportation with an escooter. The reason for doing this is that public transportation can benefit a lot from escooters. The way those devices are currently handled in public space is a mess. My intention is ensuring that no matter who gets the perspective it’s beneficial to the community. Less cars means more parking, less traffic, less pollution and an overall more efficient city.

Would you giving up owning a car and only using public transportation?

K-Parking Intro

We began in 2015 as K-Parking, LLC with the intent of providing parking space. Since then we’ve learned we must do more for our community & future. There are various problems around and within the community that haven’t been resolved. Some issues are only given band-aid solutions which we like but know it’s not the ideal solution. Through learning from different stakeholders perspectives we build a better business that can make life better for all neighbors and visitors of Koreatown. We’re giving 20% back to research, fund & solve community problems. Our focus is on building our business so that it always puts the neighborhood first. While we want to have this as a non-profit in the near future. We will be having this branch within K-Parking, LLC. We’ll partner with nonprofit organizations, experts, community, city officials and anyone who can facilitate or support the Koreatown community. As a neighbor, all we ask is to listen and participate. We will put the hours, energy, talent & engaging officials to address our community needs. We understand everyone has a busy life so we will make an online focus while facilitating local discussion events. Hello Neighbor.

What led me to create @kparkingapp was the day I fell asleep trying to find parking. I use to work all the way to West Covina (50 miles daily). To avoid traffic I’d leave early and come back late. It usually takes around 20 minutes to find parking. On that day it was more than two hours. I was very tired that I parked with emergency lights and brakes. I don’t remember how long I was asleep for but I woke up to a knock on the window, it was my father. He told me to go to sleep while he looked for parking. Since that day I knew I had to change things. Doing things through politics would take too long and wouldn’t fix things. Many neighbors were getting parking tickets but none of that money was going towards our parking issues because it benefits them. I am almost transitioning to being car free. Moving to offices soon in Koreatown, using escooters & electric car sharing services along with public transportation. I wouldn’t be able to do this kind of travel style if it wasn’t for my skills as a software engineer & entrepreneurship mindset. This problem will be ongoing for many neighbors who most won’t be fortunate enough to switch jobs or move closer. It’s why I am dedicating my free time, weekends, holidays, birthday and anything that would distract from the mission of providing parking to our neighbors. Fixing community issues is what I was always passionate about and I’ve learned at other organizations & projects I’ve done. Now it’s all about doing.
– JAG @helloimjag

@Koreatownlife & www.koreatown.life

Short summary on IG account & website.

As I bring my experience from VisionZero, NSF research, and non-profit days. I’m creating a social initiative exclusively for Koreatown called Hello Neighbor. The whole premise is based on having a conversation with neighbors and asking them about their life within Koreatown. The website is currently hosting a community forum. During the year long campaign there will be materials both digital and print that will direct people to the website. Disclaimers will be added that the IG account & website aren’t related. The community forum will migrate URL when the campaign is over. During that time we will hold the URL and redirect traffic to the new URL.

If the website is needed after the campaign is over, feel free to send a message.