Koreatown Photography

Koreatown has always been a highlight of Los Angeles. Through it’s history, present days & future development a lot has changed. Many of the people that often experience Koreatown who are not locals & often only see the highlights. There is more truth to the community than meets the eye. If no one is looking then no one will find all the details of what is there. This is why we took the opportunity to take pictures of the community and show as is rather than highlights. K-Parking is supporting this project and we intend to branch it to it’s own self sustained project with full time local Koreatown staff. At the moment the JAG & Dalia are both working together to develop a self-sustaining project.

Adding some transparency of the project. Profits and sales from the Koreatown Photography will not go back towards K-Parking & services. These funds will all be going to the project, pay employment, & fund the local community fund. We intend on hiring more photographers and have an eCommerce component to the project.