Electric Shuttle in Koreatown

It’s something of a shock.

Living in Koreatown is hard enough when parking is hard to come by. You often need the car to run errands, groceries, get food, and do so much more after work. While walking is the best way to do things in Koreatown it might not be the best choice. Leaving your parking spot will mean you’ll spend minutes or hours finding parking again.

We first had the idea of buying a fleet of vehicles so we can use and have available at all hours in Koreatown. The more we thought about it and the more we research we understood that we’d create emissions that would hurt our community. We went from bus to hybrid to electric vehicles. The simple choice was to buy electric vehicles which we could use in Koreatown but some vehicles didn’t provide the necessary infrastructure.

We’ve finally decided on the idea of a solution that uses only electric vehicles. We have a subscription to BlueLA, later we will be purchasing electric Mini Coopers until the subscription to Canoo is available in 2021. We have opportunities to get grants for electric vehicles but these vehicles need to work for the community.

Commercial vehicles are not able to park on public property which is why we will also use our own parking spots. We additionally will enforce this on public property where it’s reported by the community.

If you want to help us in acquiring electric shuttles sign up with Canoo, it’ll cost you nothing and there is no commitment. All it does is help us move to the front of the line so when the shuttles are available we are able to acquire them for Koreatown.