WCKNC New Logo

Believe it or not we designed & built our logo, website, app and everything else ourselves. We don’t outsource but when we do it’s locally. It’s been around 5 years since our logo was designed by yours truly. A logo isn’t just for looks, it plays a vital importance into branding. We took inspiration from the parking symbol “P” that you see globally. As we are focused only in Koreatown we emphasised on the “K” as center point to our family businesses.

Designed by JAG in 2015

To show you how important a logo design is just look at the costs. Some of the cost is associated to the purchase of whole company resulting in identities mixed on logo.

A list by inkbotdesign [source]

  1. Symantec – $1,280,000,000
  2. BP – $210,000,000
  3. Accenture – $100,000,000
  4. Posten Norge – $55,000,000
  5. ANZ – $15,000,000
  6. BBC – $1,800,000
  7. Pepsi – $1,000,000
  8. City of Melbourne – $625,000
  9. Belfast – $280,000
  10. K-Parking – Around an hour of design so maybe like $10,000

Our local neighborhood council WCKNC needs a new logo as it’s not to current standards. Our community is represented in moments of Twitter virality, Instagram posts, council’s business cards, tourist, stakeholders, people talking about how bad parking is, and various events. The logo during these moments isn’t mentioned or remembered. Which is why a greater focus should be given to make an identity for the community. We will do our best effort to reach out to various contacts and affiliation to make sure everyone gets a word of the submission event.

If you want to learn more to participate to design, share the word, or keep up to date then visit our discussion forum below.

Notable Replies

  1. JAG says:

    As a designer, I welcome any design questions so everyone can have an opportunity to participate. There is no exact science to creating a logo. One great resource to take a look into is examples of logo designs and redesigns on www.dribbble.com (Instagram for designers).

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