K-Parking Intro

We began in 2015 as K-Parking, LLC with the intent of providing parking space. Since then we’ve learned we must do more for our community & future. There are various problems around and within the community that haven’t been resolved. Some issues are only given band-aid solutions which we like but know it’s not the ideal solution. Through learning from different stakeholders perspectives we build a better business that can make life better for all neighbors and visitors of Koreatown. We’re giving 20% back to research, fund & solve community problems. Our focus is on building our business so that it always puts the neighborhood first. While we want to have this as a non-profit in the near future. We will be having this branch within K-Parking, LLC. We’ll partner with nonprofit organizations, experts, community, city officials and anyone who can facilitate or support the Koreatown community. As a neighbor, all we ask is to listen and participate. We will put the hours, energy, talent & engaging officials to address our community needs. We understand everyone has a busy life so we will make an online focus while facilitating local discussion events. Hello Neighbor.

What led me to create @kparkingapp was the day I fell asleep trying to find parking. I use to work all the way to West Covina (50 miles daily). To avoid traffic I’d leave early and come back late. It usually takes around 20 minutes to find parking. On that day it was more than two hours. I was very tired that I parked with emergency lights and brakes. I don’t remember how long I was asleep for but I woke up to a knock on the window, it was my father. He told me to go to sleep while he looked for parking. Since that day I knew I had to change things. Doing things through politics would take too long and wouldn’t fix things. Many neighbors were getting parking tickets but none of that money was going towards our parking issues because it benefits them. I am almost transitioning to being car free. Moving to offices soon in Koreatown, using escooters & electric car sharing services along with public transportation. I wouldn’t be able to do this kind of travel style if it wasn’t for my skills as a software engineer & entrepreneurship mindset. This problem will be ongoing for many neighbors who most won’t be fortunate enough to switch jobs or move closer. It’s why I am dedicating my free time, weekends, holidays, birthday and anything that would distract from the mission of providing parking to our neighbors. Fixing community issues is what I was always passionate about and I’ve learned at other organizations & projects I’ve done. Now it’s all about doing.
– JAG @helloimjag