What’s PWA & how does it benefit KParking.app?

We’re going to give a simple breakdown of what PWA is. If you’d like to learn more in full detail, we’d suggest reading this post written for developers by Google.

Progressive Web App, known as PWA, is a web technology that allows you to build an app to feel like a native app but made with almost magic. What PWA does is that it leverages your existing browser to be an app, whether on Android, iOS, or other OS if enabled. The user has more control over how the app will operate regardless of the version of the OS they are using. We built our app on the reason that we’d be able to deploy to both the main OS and use very little storage. Both our app and community forum are PWA enabled. Instead of having to download the whole app and content, you download the essential and content you visit. Updates happen when you open the app if there are new changes. It’s a little app with a bunch of capabilities.